Photography and audio recording... a synergy of art and science.
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Artisans' photos

The creative fine arts depend on visual representation in website, advertising, editorial and catalog formats. On every surface, texture and color combine with light and shadow to reveal the soul of an artist. Images of your work -- jewelry, ceramics, woodwork, metalwork, fiber arts or sculpture -- should convey the life and energy that went into their creation!

Submissions for juried shows demand adherence to a rather limiting standard, but within the constraints it is subtlety and attention to detail that make your precious work pop off the judges' screen. Pixelwave can create powerful photographs and supply them ready for publication, electronic display or submission through Zapplication and JAS.

Would a podcast enhance traffic at your website? Consider telling your story with a well recorded artists statement! Pixelwave can record and edit your podcast in high-quality audio, giving your loyal patrons a pleasurable listening experience that adds another dimension to their visit to your site.

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