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Fine Art Photography

We've all read plenty of artist's statements that are laced with references to societal or emotional upheaval and the angst such change incites. Me? I got nuthin' except perhaps a good eye for shape and color and maybe a bit of appreciation for the way in which light gives form to the objects around us. That is enough for me.

The discovery of a good image buried within the visual clutter of modern life is quite satisfying. The hard part is taking the opportunity to slow down and really see rather than simply observe. As that talent develops, fewer captures end up in the virtual waste basket. The good images are given full treatment: using the tools of digital photography to reveal some of the sense of the wonder I feel as I make my way through this world.

To my delight, digital imaging software allows me to finish a photograph in ways that far surpass anything I used to be able to accomplish in a wet darkroom.

So, the mostly self-taught student of photography that grew up to be an engineer and designer of cameras has come full circle back to his photographic roots to make images. Hopefully those images stand up to the scrutiny of repeated viewing.

Tim Fuss

Timothy J. Fuss

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