Photography and audio recording... a synergy of art and science.
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Musicians' photos

There's nothing like the power and energy of a live performance whether it's music, poetry, story-telling or an inspiring speech. Even the well-honed performance offers spontaneous release of emotion and as a performing musician, Tim Fuss is able to anticipate the peaks within a show.

Whether shooting onstage or in a studio, the play of light and shadow can build to a crescendo of visual intrigue. As a performer, you work hard to craft a stage presence... shouldn't your photographer work hard to capture that essence?

Don't forget about audio recordings! Bands need demo CDs for distribution to club owners. Song clips can build website traffic and strengthen your fan base.

Would a podcast enhance traffic at your website? Pixelwave can record and edit your podcast in high-quality audio, giving your loyal patrons a more pleasurable listening experience.

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